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gold In Search of Gold

Amazing Adventures into Unknown Country on Foot and Horseback

"In Search of Gold" tells the adventures of Capt. W.J. Chads in South America in the 1920s.
After World War One, Captain Chads set sail for South America to make his fortune. His travels in search of gold took him through Chile & Bolivia, on a 900 mile ride in the Andes, from Santiago to Asuncion, to Lake Titicaca & the Iguazu Falls, into the Chaco, and towards Fabulosa.

AUTHOR : Diana R. Chads  ISBN : 1-897984-04-9  Hardback book with Capt.Chads' original photographs and map.

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gold The Adventures of Capt. W.J.Chads M.C. ~ "In Search of Gold"

Captain Chads came from a family with a long tradition of distinguished service in the Royal Navy and the British Army. Capt. Chads was awarded the Military Cross in 1916 but had to retire due to injuries sustained on active service. He turned to a life of adventure. Following up an advertisement in the London "Morning Post" Capt. Chads joined a Mr.Ford for a money making expedition to South America.
Mr.Ford was not all he seemed, Capt. Chads' new partner turned out to be a murderer and to have stolen an aircraft full of drugs. After an inauspicious start, Capt. Chads travelled alone visiting many fascinating, dangerous and uninhabited places. He also worked at the Oplaca mine in Bolivia, before moving on to Fabulosa.
"In Search of Gold" is a fascinating story, a testament to Captain Chads' ability to survive, in the most unlikely and challenging of circumstances, as he embarked on treacherous journeys through the desert and the Andes.

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