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100% pure beeswax candles, made with wax from my own bees. Beeswax candles burn bright and clear with a clean natural scent, and it is good to know that beeswax is a renewable, sustainable resource.
I have twice won the Silver Jubilee Bowl which is awarded for beeswax at the National Honey Show and I have won a number of prizes for candles too.

Beeswax Candles for your dinner table

Hand cast, in two styles, to fit most standard candlesticks. Choose from Tapered or Spiral candles.

dinner table candles
Choose from Tapered or Spiral
£6.99 a pair+p&p
Choose your Table Candle style:

Beeswax is special

  • Beeswax is a natural product made only by bees.
  • Beeswax can vary in shade from a dark honey colour, through bright yellow to pure white. This natural colour variety is influenced by a range of factors including bee genetics.
  • Bees are not harmed by the sustainable use of wax from the hive.
    • Good bee husbandry makes use of the bees' need to build their own nests.
    • Encouraging bees to build new combs helps keeps the bee colony healthy.
  • To make just one kilogram of beeswax the bees need to eat six kilograms of honey.
  • To make just one kilogram of honey the bees will have flown around 80,000 trips to collect nectar, covering around 300,000 miles!
  • Beeswax is a "green" wax unlike paraffin wax which is derived from petroleum, coal or oil shale.
  • Beeswax is an environmentally friendly, sustainable resource.

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